Sunday, December 25, 2011

Getting back in the groove

Of pictures!!

 It feels so good to pick up the camera, hear that click of the shutter, and then download the images. And as a natural consequence, as I use the camera more, the more proficient I get. One would think that I could remember that, but I don't. So I get discouraged. Frequently. Then I get bummed that my images aren't turning out as I want them to - so I stop shooting for a while. Sad, pathetic cycle. I am my own worst critic.

 But I dust myself off, pick my self up, (anyone else singing with me?), and I remember that Rome wasn't built in a day.

 The holiday season is presenting itself again with photographic opportunities abound and I am taking advantage of the this year! I will not be intimidated by other people with cameras snapping away. I will be more aggressive and creative in my angles and poses. Finally, I will not be afraid to take that picture because I fear it will not measure up to my standards. I will tell myself that not every picture is equal and that is okay - the important thing is that I am there, preserving the memories.

 This is our annual tree choosing outing. Thankfully, we are back to choosing our tree from the famous Lally Christmas Trees! So nice to back around family. :D

Papa Baker gets in on the fun!

A true princess never leaves home without her tierra.

Emmett says this tree is just his size!

Even Clovis gets in on the Christmas tree choosing.

A future tree.

Beautiful Heidi

This wasn't from the tree choosing outing but from a cookie/ candy bake and exchange (Thanks Ashley for letting us come!). Yum - icing on the cookie is the best part!


  1. Hi Stephanie and Jon and family,

    I am Katherine's Mum. Met you at the wedding! I was just wondering what life is like for you now back home? Have you got snow? We have NONE!! Boo! Off to see K and C on Tuesday. I will read your blog before I go. Those kids are growing up!

  2. Great pictures, Stephanie! T' aint easy to hit a moving target:-) I remember those good old days so well. Take LOTS of pictures! They are worth their weight in gold all these years later, really enjoying your blog. Nice job!